Category: TS Seduction

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Jaquelin Braxton is the newest addition to the famous First Wive’s Club. This chick has been hired by the very angry, wife of Lucas who thinks he is waking up to the knob sucking of his mistress. Only after his heavy dong is roused out of his shorts, does he realizes it is a stranger sucking him off – an expert who overpowers him and ties him up in her basement. This honey shoves his mouth full with a rope gag, and starts to peel off her clothes, reveal a delicate body and a hard, consummate cock. Jaquelin informs him he is being served a punishing message to never cheat again and in case he needs more reason to remember why, this sweetheart shoves her weenie up his arse as a reminder. Fucking him hard, pounding in and out, Lucas begins to like this treatment, his own thick weenie surging full and willing to explode. Jaquelin makes him her little doxy and it’s a power sight.