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Look at her abs, her ass, her arms, her thin waist. Jaquelin Braxton is incredible. She knows how to her discipline from hours of pushing herself to brawny perfection, to mind fuck and torture her dude. She sits on his back while this fella does push-ups to failure, this hottie puts her glamorous feet in his mouth and on his chest, pushing him down for every sit up he does. She’s a star in this arena and when it comes to punish Reed for his failure – LOOK OUT! Jaquelin delivers some prostate crushing fucking to Reed who can only thank her for using her own endurance and fitness to teach him the important lesson of properly servicing his Dom. Jaquelin wears Reed down to a sweaty, fucked out puddle and then tells him to suck it up and fuck her! A great flip scene as Jaquelin does not lose a moment of her dominating presence while Reed struggles to satisfy her. Lucky for Reed he’s able to channel his inner beast and fuck her well until she cums all over. Hawt scene, great chemistry and some amazing cum shots from 2 super sexy people!