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Tom and Siouxsie were supposed to be studying, but instead they made out. Tom and Siouxsie were supposed to making out, but instead Siouxsie discovers the family dungeon… run by Tom’s HOT STEPMOTHER. The 2 wicked students break in and start playing with her whips when suddenly, they’re caught…And totally punishment-fucked!Tom’s stepmother figures if these 2 are actually the perverts they think they are, then a complete immersion-therapy fuckfest is in order. This babe delivers a humiliating group spanking, then Tom and Siouxsie take turns sucking mommy’s cock, licking her toes, and getting their butt and slit rammed with her giant meaty gristle. Mommy isn’t all mean, though– the two get to fight over her hawt, sweet load for dessert.