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Venus is the PR manager for a rookie professional athlete that can’t keep his fool mouth shut. She’s tried anything – coaching, an ear piece to whisper answers, role play, anything and he still can’t get it right with the press. Since his mouth isn’t working for PR, she figures it may as well work the the PR manager. She seduces him, getting him all riled up and sexually excited. Showing him how to lick her booty and then, showing him how to suck her hard penis. He’s eyes grow wide but his knob stiffens – she knows he wants it and she guides him through the ass fucking like a rookie at spring training! She even lets him fuck her booty – a RARE switch scene moment for Venus. All the slow, steady sex has pumped up up Venus’ load to a dangerously high amount and while fucking him bent over the couch, this babe explodes in his booty – you can see her rod powerful out every thick ounce of cum her hard shaft can funnel into his asshole. When this hottie pulls out her cum squirts and leaks out of his booty for several seconds! This is the hottest anal cream pie ever seen on TsSeduction – we forgive you for fast forwarding over the sexy sex to watch the pop shot.